VON​FOX Promotions are a production company based in the North East (South Shields) made up of Sophie Teasdale and Richard Flood.


Their services help new or small businesses and talent to promote themselves. This includes photography, video, music video production, graphic design, and much more. 

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Sophie Teasdale is a photographer, videographer, and artistic director based in the North East, between County Durham and Tyne & Wear. 

Sophie likes to have fun with her photography, and tends to value colour, styling and emotion over a "technically" perfect image.  Sophie has photographed talent such as Alan Cumming (The Good Wife, Cabaret on Broadway), Samantha Bond (Outnumbered, Die Another Day), Tim McInnerny (Blackadder, Notting Hill), Omid Djalili (comedian), and members of the Royal Shakespeare Company over the past couple of years, to name a few, and has also been working closely with North East band "Celestine", photographing their gigs, creating promotional flyers, and directing their music videos. Sophie was also the artistic director and stylist for Savannah Betts' "Warning" music video, which was listed as one of the "Music Videos of the Year" in NARC Magazine.

Over the past six years Sophie has been working on a backstage theatre series, collecting images of performers behind the scenes. She is excited to release these images in the form of a book this year!


Sophie has worked with Bonnie and The Bonnettes as a stage manager/technician over various projects including: Drag Me to love, The BonBons Cabaret, and And She. She has also worked with them as a photographer/videographer over various projects including: And She, and Bonnie and Fanny's Christmas Spectacular (Live Theatre)